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Nusrat Faria: I almost got sunburnt while shooting

Nusrat FariaI almost got sunburnt while shootingOn this Valentine’s Day, charming personality Nusrat Faria will be seen on small screen endorsing Mr Cookie Biscuit with heartthrob actor Arefin Shuvo. The model cum actress, Faria expressed her feelings: “The commercial is different from other TVCs. It has music, drama, and dance that we usually see in films. I can assure that it will be a hit commercial in 2015.” Asked how her shooting experience was, she said: “It was filmed in beautiful Cox’s Bazar. The weather was fantastic. On the first day of shooting, I had to stand on a rock in the middle of the sea for three and a half hour wearing a sari. I got a tan while shooting in the scorching heat.” Recalling her fondness for Mr Cookie biscuits, Faria said: “Back in 2000, when I was a school-goer my mother gave me a pack of biscuit as snacks. The biscuit was so delicious with butter and sugar. When I reached home I asked my mother what it was and she told me that it was Mr Cookie, which I am endorsing now. When I was offered for the TVC, I just grabbed it without thinking twice.” “I have always preferred to work for TVCs. This time working with Arefin Shuvo was another great experience,” the model added.
Directed by Riyad Rahman, the jingle titled “Bhalo Tomai Bashi Bondhu Prothom Dekhatey” was sung by Kona and Mehedi with music by Shondhi.
The commercial will be aired on various TV channels.

Source: dhaka tribune

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