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Moutushi portrays a victim of violence against women

Moutushi portrays a victim of violence against womenSmall screen actor Moutushi Biswas will be appeared in a TV play titled “Overcoat” soon. Moutushi said: “The drama portrays various aspects of violence against women and its negative impact in the society.” “Despite being physically beaten, the helpless woman in rural areas still stay under one roof with their husband to be sheltered,” she said. “Backdrop in a rural setting, the story of ‘Overcoat’ depicts in such way that my husband, played by Pran Rai, wears an overcoat,” she added. In the play, her husband keeps money in the pocket which are stolen. Interestingly, she also steals money from the same place where Pran keeps his stolen money.
One day she was caught red handed and was beaten badly. The story raises the question who is the wrong person in the picture.
“Addressing such issues in TV plays is always contentment. If ever I get a chance to support woman in anyway, I will always stand by them,” she added.

Source: dhaka tribune

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