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Mehazabien to play in Black Rose

Mehazabien to play in Black RoseBlack roses usually have a negative connotation because of their association with tragedy, death and grief. But they also symbolise new beginnings. Lux Channel i Superstar 2009 Mehazabien Chowdhury recently starred in the single TV play titled ‘Black Rose.’ It tells the story of Nayeem, a young man who goes from one love affair to another breaking women’s hearts. Mehazabien plays Natasha, an intelligent girl that Nayeem befriends and falls in love with. But Natasha turns him down. The rejection cuts Nayeem deep. As he stands alone watching his true love walk away from him, he recalls how many hearts he cruelly broke and realises how they must have felt. The rejection and heart-ache cause Nayeem to changes his ways.
The TV play will be aired today at 7:30pm on Maasranga TV.

Source: dhaka tribune

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