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Breakup Breakdown

Breakup BreakdownMehzabin and Nisho loves each other. Nisho doesn’t do anything, in one word he is unemployed. On the other hand Mehzabin is a talented and realistic person. Noticing the lifestyle of Nisho, Mehzabin understands that it is not possible to lead a life with him. Thus she decides to move away from him, Nisho too accepts this decision. Today is the last day of their relationship. It the past they had decided to call it of around 31 times, but couldn’t.= But this time they are determined to stick to their decision and will forgo all means of communication. The drama ‘Breakup Breakdown’ is based on this story. Written by Sarker Jimir and directed by Rupok Bin Rauf the lead characters of the drama has been played by Nisho and Mehzabin.

Source: bangladesh today

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