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Kill Dil to screen in 4DX

It’s the first Bollywood film to get the sensory cinema experience The stars of Kill/Dil will no longer attend the film’s world premiere, which was due to take place at Vox Cinemas at Deira City Centre on Wednesday night. “Due to unavoidable circumstances, the proposed Dubai premiere of our film Kill/Dil on 12th November has been cancelled,” said a statement by Yash Raj Films, its producers, on Tuesday afternoon, without explaining the circumstances. Bollywood films are known for their scenes of dancing in the rain. That could become a lot wetter for viewers now that Kill Dil will be releasing in 4DX, a sensory cinema in which viewers experience what’s going on on screen — whether it’s rain, bullets flying or a car chase. Water sprays, chairs shake and gunpowder scents the air.
The Yash Raj Films production, which is the big Bollywood release on November 13, is the first Bollywood film to get the 4DX treatment. Upcoming 4DX releases include The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1, The Penguins of Madagascar, Night at the Museum 3 and Exodus. Tickets for films in this format are Dh125.


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