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Saurav Kumar presents classical music at IGCC

Indian classical musician Dr Saurav Kumar Nahar in his solo musical recital presented different types of Hindustani ragas at the Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre on Saturday. Saurav, a musical teacher at the centre, in his almost two-hour show improvised the evening raga yamon and the morning raga raga bhairabi. In addition, he presented a thumri, a raga based composition, a bhajan and a song related to the traditional Holi festival of the Hindu community. The show began with an improvisation of raga yaman where the singer demonstrated his skills by changing the tempo and mood on the raga. The audience enjoyed his presentation of a thumri titled Babul Mora Naihar and the Holi-themed song titled Holi Khele Girdhari. The show ended with the presentation of a bhajan titled Bhajman Ram Charan. Dr. Saurav Kumar Nahar is an established name in the Hindustani Classical Vocal Music in India and one of the foremost exponents of Bhagalpur Sangeet Gharana. Born in 1984 in Bihar, Saurav hails from a family of great musical maestros like late Pandit Prahalad Prasad Mishra, his grandfather, and trained under late Pandit Ram Naresh Mishra.

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