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What are you thankful in your relationship?

Today is National All is Ours Day, where people say what they are most appreciative of. We often forget to thank our partners, family and friends for the things they do for us, so here is your chance to tell them! We asked our members and readers what they are most thankful for in their relationship and here were the very honest and incredibly sweet answers. Comfort, or feeling at physical ease with your partner is essential. If you are nervous around them it can put pressure on lots of areas of your life together. Nervousness is expected in the first few weeks of going out with someone, but if you are with the right person this disappears soon after. Freedom from constraint is massively important in a relationship. Feeling like you are being held back or prevented from doing what it is that makes you you is not being true to who you are as an individual. Even when coupled off with someone- you still have to have your own identity. Freedom from pain is also something that plays huge part in an effective pairing. If someone is constantly hurting you emotionally with cutting words or neglect this can put strain on your bond. So having someone that goes out of their way to avoid causing you pain is worth keeping.
Cuddles- They are quick, easy and very effective- any human contact can improve both physical and emotional development. Hugs can build a good immune system, reduce the risk of heart disease and reduce the stress hormone in your body. So we should all be thankful for hugs as they directly affect our health and happiness!
‘Laughter is the best medicine’ is something that we should all believe in and embrace. If your partner can turn around a bad day, where you come in crying and moping to laughter then he is definitely a keeper. Yes all couples have arguments but if you can laugh about them afterwards and blame them on the moment then you are bound to go far. Staying mad at your partner does you no good- too much effort is placed on trying to be cross with someone it takes much less effort to have a good giggle and is much better for you mental health and relationship.
Even when you think the world is against you, having someone to come home to is the best feeling in the world. And knowing that they have your best interests at heart and will try and help you though a bad patch is hugely comforting. Even those who like to power through and work things out on their own it’s always of benefit to have someone who you can bounce ideas and feelings off.
Venting comes in many forms- punching the wall, crying or screaming into a pillow, but nothing beats having a person to unravel ideas and stresses with. The listening ear is much better, even if you don’t need a response or a discussion it’s good just to have the point of contact and someone to process what has been going on in your world. And if you need another perspective or a sympathetic response its there!
We have a lot to be thankful for in our relationships so remember your loved ones today and how much they do for you. The small things are those that really mater- not lavish gifts, parties or expensive outings- it’s just the basics we need and not just today- but all year round.


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