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7 Reasons couples should have a zoo date!

Today is National Zoo Lovers Day and we are here to tell you why it’s a great date day out for couples this summer! Outdoors- It gets you up early and out the house. So many couples lie in bed and then figure out what to do with their day- only to find there is not a lot left of it. Having a scheduled date gives your day structure and a reason to get up and make the most of your time together. Walking- Every zoo has a lot of miles involved- yes it has it distractions along the way- but you cover a lot of distance in a day. Walking is great for your body- although it’s a mild form of exercise it helps release those endorphins- making you feel happy so you will be great company on this date. Learning- Something that bonds a couple is learning things together- information you can pass on to your friends and family or file away for later. When you feel yourself getting bored of the same old conversation- it helps to learn something new together so you have other stuff to talk about at home- such as interesting facts about animals.
The date debrief- We all have them without even realising- you discuss a movie on the way home from the cinema or you look over your pictures when you went for that hike and talk about the people you met. If you have been sitting at opposite ends of the couch all day- there is nothing to really talk about but if you have shared an exciting experience you are more likely to recap and reminisce about the things you enjoyed. You can then plan in future dates accordingly or something similar.
Couple comparison- It’s great to open your mind and find out how different species conduct their love lives and how they breed. Human love can get predictable and boring- animal love is a whole different ball game- every one is different and its fascinating how some animals come together and what they endure in the name of love.
Open mindedness- It makes you more aware of the world outside your home and family unit. As couples we can become insular and absorbed in our own problems and lives- sometimes it helps to realise that there is a world out there and other lives that matter just as much as our own.
Memories- Rather than telling your children or your children’s children that all you did together was watch TV it gives you more stand out moments in your relationship that you will always remember. In time you might pull out your tickets, photos or brochure from a memory box and be transported back to that day to regale each other or someone else with your story.


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