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Rick Owens says people take his clothes too seriously

Rick Owens thinks people can take his clothes too seriously. The California-born designer – who is known for his statement drop-crotch shorts and leather jackets – believes that some fans are so obsessed with wearing his clothes they have alienated others to feel part of his avid group of followers. He told The Telegraph: “It was supposed to be something that was very much about tolerance, about embracing everybody, but we’ve created this thing that has a wall that kind of eliminates a lot of people, and I regret that a little bit . . . It’s been said before that most people take my clothes more seriously than I do.”
The 51-year-old designer is known for thinking outside the box and famously tried to break the mould of using tall slender models for runway shows in Paris last year, instead hiring a US sorority dance troupe to stomp their way down the catwalk in his designs.
Although the stunt propelled his creations even further into the limelight, Rick insists he won’t be producing such an attention-grabbing show for his upcoming collections as he doesn’t want the showbiz nature of the display to detract from his designs.
He explained: “There was humour in it, and it was very chic because these girls are saying, ‘We don’t want to look cute for you. Forget being cute, this is what we do.’
“I don’t want to get trapped into being Mr Showbiz, or to lose that sense of reserve I started out with.”


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