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Nicole Farhi vows never to return to fashion

Nicole Farhi has vowed never to return to fashion. The 68-year-old former designer – who left her eponymous label in 2012 – admitted she is no longer interested in the industry and hasn’t even been shopping since she quit to become a sculptor. When asked if she would ever consider returning to a career in fashion, she told The Sunday Telegraph newspaper: “No. Never. Never. I don’t look down on what I’ve done – for 40 years I was a fashion designer, and every day I enjoyed what I was doing. “But I don’t want to spend time thinking about fashion. I don’t find it important – that important. I haven’t shopped since I left two years ago. I haven’t bought one T-shirt.”
The French-born brunette – who launched the label with her then husband Stephen Marks in 1982 – no longer feels any connection to the brand she helmed for decades, preferring to focus on her art ahead of her debut exhibition ‘From The Neck Up’ which opens at Bowman Sculpture in London on September 16.
She explained: “It has been bought again – I don’t know the people who own it; they never contacted me.
“But when I was 18 and a student living in Paris, all over the city there was this hairdresser called Nicole Farhi. So my name was out there. I always thought, how odd! It’s my name, but it’s not me. And that’s exactly how I feel now.
“If I pass a shop that is called Nicole Farhi with clothes in the window that I haven’t designed, it’s not me any more. They’re not doing what I used to. I have no connection with that Nicole Farhi over there. Me, I’m the sculptor now.”


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