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Milestone makeover: Half of women have image overhaul following major life events

Seasons may impact upon our fashion choices, but a new survey shows that British women are using big milestones as a catalyst for a style upgrade. The research by fashion e-tailer Kaleidoscope has revealed that British women are basing their fashion choices on key events in their lives, such as their 50th birthday, getting divorced or the marriage of the one of their children. Of those surveyed, 53% stated that a major event in their life would cause them to invest in a makeover, with a whopping 84% highlighting that they would spend over £250 in order to trandform themselves. When probed on what in particular would trigger an image overhaul, the psychological impact of being left, the fear of seeing unflattering photos (38%) and a change in weight (26%) were cited as the three leading reasons.
Whatever the trigger, it appears that following a major life event with an image fix is working wonders – with an overwhelming 86% of those surveyed highlighting that they experienced a significant boost in confidence as a result of their makeover.
Although the majority of women surveyed stated that a wardrobe refresh was the best method for helping them through their milestone moment, it seems that hair is also considered an important factor when marking a new chapter in life – with 31% emphasising that a new haircut or colour would be the most important element of their transformation.
Kaleidoscope Head of Marketing, Helen North comments:
“I think that the concept of the ‘Milestone Makeover’ is fascinating. It is so interesting to see which key events in a woman’s life have an impact on their style choices and would inspire them to have an image overhaul.
“Style is such a crucial element of personal identity so it isn’t surprising to hear that an important milestone such as a special birthday or break up of a relationship would cause someone to rethink their wardrobe, and invest in a change of image to boost their confidence.”



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