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Daniel Radcliffe – Daniel Radcliffe’s snake search

Daniel Radcliffe had to search for a lost exotic snake on the set of his new movie ‘Horns’ before he was allowed to go home.
Daniel Radcliffe wasn’t allowed to leave a movie set until he found a lost exotic snake. The 24-year-old actor had to track down the slippery serpent on the set of his new thriller ‘Horns’ – in which he portrays Ig Perrish, a man who wakes up after a drunken night with two horns on his head – after one of the 100 snakes being used went AWOL, but following a 30-minute search he discovered the rebellious reptile.
He said: ”It was quite tense. We were bringing exotic snakes into Canada and letting them all loose. We had 100 snakes and we had to leave with 100.
”We were filming in a place with so many nooks and crannies for snakes to get away that we spent about half an hour after we finished filming that night looking for the last snake … It had hidden itself under the fire to stay warm!”
Despite the inconvenience, Daniel – who shot to fame portraying the titular wizard in the ‘Harry Potter’ film series – insists the reptiles are the best props he has ever worked with on a movie.
He added to Total Film magazine: ”I actually loved snakes in the end. For the last third of the movie I have a 6ft python wrapped around me – which is the greatest prop any actor has ever had.”


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