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Movie Review: You Can’t resist watching ‘Lucky Di Unlucky Story’

Cast: Gippy Grewal, Surveen Chawla, Jaswinder Bhalla, Binnu Dhillon, Gurpreet Ghuggi.
Directed By: Smeep Kang
Story: Smeep Kang and Naresh Katuria
After pampering your funny bone with riotous laughter delights in the past, here comes another cine depiction of Punjwood’s tryst with a somewhat an innovative cine idea that is of “joviality blended with suspense.”
It won’t be wrong to say that after proving his mettle in singing arena, Gippy is heading towards new horizons of success in acting aisles too. With movies like “Carry On Jatta”, “Singh Vs Kaur” in bunch of successful movies, this time the budding superstar of Punjwood has come up with a comic thriller “Lucky Di Unlucky Story.”
Although in current scenario humor is considered as somewhat a mandatory condiment for any and every Punjabi cine delight, but this time director of “Lucky Di Unlucky Story”, Smeep Kang (Carry On Jattaa fame) along with Naresh Kathuria have experimented with the prevailing notion and have tried to craft something different around the core of humor and suspense.
This Gippy Grewal, Surveen Chawla, Binnu Dhillon and Jaswinder Bhalla starrer Punjabi cine delight opened with an average occupancy of, 7 % in the multiplexes of the region.
Story of the movie narrates the tale of quintessential free spirited male Lucky (Gippy Grewal) who has his love fascinations fixated to Seerat ( Surveen Chawla), whom he woos and ends up getting engaged to her as well.
Besides this, Lucky has another fascination of living life to the fullest, not like his 3 “unhappily married” friends, Dimpa (Binnu Dhillon), Brar (Jaswinder Bhalla) and Sidhu (Gurpret Ghuggi) who advise him to kick aside the ideas pertaining to love and marriage and enjoy his life. But story takes a twist and the entire hell breaks loose on, Lucky, when in course of adhering to the valuable advice of his friends, he along with his freaky friends ends up being in a nightmarish situation, after a girl gets murdered in a hotel room and everybody including Lucky’s friends start believing that it’s our adroit women charmer, Lucky, who has accidentally killed the women. And from there begins a crazy joy ride of humor and mild suspense.
Unlike some of the previously released Punjabi cine delights which had a major banking upon the comedy of error coefficient, “Lucky Di Unlucky Story” with a novel story line behind it (at least in Punjwood) has an appealing script at its core, which nowhere makes you feel bored. And besides bestowing you with ample amount of joviality, it keeps your attention seized with a, “What’s next?” speculation in your head.
In nutshell, script of “Lucky Di Unlucky Story” is not predominated by any particular flavor of entertainment, and has got a good blend of every seasoning to satiate your hunger for entertainment.
It won’t be wrong to say after painting some of the memorable Punjabi comedy flicks on celluloid, Smeep Kang has graduated to the elite league of Punjwood and with every subsequent movie his dexterity in handling some very innovative cine ideas is not only improving, but is also setting up new benchmarks for others to aspire for.
This time with “Lucky Di Unlucky Story” which has a slightly different premise from previous cine creations of Smeep, this cine sorcerer of Punjabi movie industry has thoroughly succeeded in doing wonders with the impact of his cinematographic spell. Be it any component pertaining to ,”Lucky Di Unlucky Story”, Smeep has conveniently kept the intensity of everything just right and at the same time has quite adroitly tailored them together.
Besides Smeep another man whose cinematographic excellence has stupendously enhanced the entertaining value of “Lucky Di Unlucky Story” is, Naresh Kathuria, whose impressiveness screenplay and dialogues never gets puffed up with pompousness and remains attention grabbing through out the run time of the movie.
Be it any sequence of the movie, it thoroughly compels you to roll on your seats with giggles and a constant apprehension of What Next? in your head. Cinematography of, Toby Gorman, is again a positive for the movie and well contributes to the over all onscreen proceedings.
In the music department, Jatinder Shah has also succeeded in proving his mettle. Music of “Lucky Di Unlucky Story” again has ample substance to offer. With an impressive bunch of peppy foot thumping tracks like “Whiskey”, “Desi Ganna”, “Kach Da Samaan” music of the movie is again a perfect aural delight.
Well, with every other cine flick of his, Gippy seems to be heading towards the throne of superstar of Punjwood by attaining a higher level on the performance gauge every time. Be it any of his past movies or this one, every time Gippy has firmly succeed in getting under the skin of his character. Even in “Lucky Di Unlucky Story” he has looked no less than an adroit acting “Casanova of Punjwood.”
Surveen Chawla has looked gorgeous, but on performance front had been no different from his previous cine stints. As ever Jaswinder Bhalla and his one liners are once again the impressive humorous delights. Along with Jaswinder Bhalla it’s Binnu Dhillon “the dumbest turtle of the flock” who has performed his character with utmost excellence and has been terrific through out the movie so special kudos for both of them.
Besides all of them it’s Ghuggi and his self proclaimed intelligence which leaves you in splits and makes Ghuggi one of the stand out character of the movie. In a short role Jackie Shroff is just OK.
To sum up, comprising of alluring entertainment condiments “Lucky Di Unlucky Story”, is a cine tale which besides pampering your entertainment tooth leaves you with a desire to have more of it.


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