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Jyoti: working in liberation war film is an honour

Actress Jyotika Jyoti has said working in a film based on the liberation war is an ‘honour’ and an opportunity that few actors come across. ‘It’s an honour to work in a film on the liberation war,’ she said. ‘A career highlight, you can say, something that sets you apart from other actors.  Few have had the opportunity to work in such films and I am just lucky to be one of them.’ The actress has played an important part in the war film Anil Baghchir Ekdin, based on the story of Humayun Ahmed’s novel of the same name, which was due to be released in March but pushed to an unspecified date because of the sickness of director Morshedul Islam. ‘I am dying to watch the film in cinemas. Here, I played the character of Atashi, younger sister of Anil Baghchi, who falls in love with a Muslim man during the war,’ she said about the film, which also stars Ashraful Ashish and Shahidul Islam Sachchu in important roles. Jyotika Jyoti has previously worked in two war-themed films including Rabeya and Jibondhuli, both directed by Tanvir Mokammel, and says she looks forward to working in more such films in the future. The actress has recently worked in a short film titled ‘Gorto–Trance of Fair,’ directed by Salekin Bin Liaquat, which will be released shortly. She also worked in Tazu Kamrul’s teleplay titled ‘Bhalobasar Ekdin.’ Jyotika Jyoti came into the limelight after winning the beauty pageant of Lux Anandadhara Photogenic in 2004. Since then, she worked in numerous teleplays and several films including one by Kabari Sarwar, titled Aina.

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