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Nayok Raj leaves hospital

Renowned actor Abdur Razzak, widely known as Nayok Raj Razzak, returned home after getting discharged from the city’s United Hospital on Tuesday. The iconic superstar of Dhallywood, who was admitted to the hospital on Thursday night with respiratory problem, received treatment under Dr Iqbal Hossain and Dr Kamruzzaman. Samrat, the youngest son of the ailing actor, said his father’s health condition is better and the physician has advised him to stay on complete bed rest for four months.
Razzak was born on January 23, 1942 in Kolkata, India. He lost both of his parents at an early age. At his adolescent, he used to participate in theatre productions in Kolkata.
While studying at a college in Kolkata, for the first time he appeared in a movie called ‘Ratan Lal Bangali’.
With an aim to be a film artist, Razzak went to study on film in Filmalaya in Mumbai in 1961. Returning from Mumbai, he performed in two movies in Kolkata – ‘Pankotilak’ and ‘Shilalipi’.
Razzak has ruled the country’s film industry since the 1960s. He is the king of the heroes of the Bangladeshi cinema. His good look and powerful acting have made him arguably the most famous and most popular actor the country has yet seen.
At his prime, he was a real heart-throb; women loved him and men wanted to be more like him. Even today, though his days of being featured in starring roles are behind him, he has lost none of his star qualities.
His ability to mesmerise those around him, whether through his acting or through the force of his personality, remains unblemished by age.
Razzak migrated to Dhaka in 1964 with his wife and six-month old son Bapparaj. After settling down, he started acting in theatres and also worked as an assistant director for a while.
He then continued his acting in television for two years. He had a role in a television drama serial named ‘Gharoa’. Meanwhile, he acted in some small roles in different movies as well; at that time he had no idea that one day, roles would be created just for him.
Finally, in 1966, the famous film director Jahir Raihan offered him a role in ‘Behula’, the first movie where Razzak was cast as hero.

Source: daily sun


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