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Festive mood in FDC centering on actors’ association election

A festive mood is prevailing on the Bangladesh Film Development Corporation premises centering the election of the film actors’ association slated today. The election comes at a time of heightened tension in the industry about the release of a Bollywood film in the country. Candidates are doing their rounds of the corporation every day, campaigning for themselves and Read the full story

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Commissioner to hit cinemas today

After a week break, Dhallywood film Commissioner is going to hit 21 cinemas across the country today amid the controversial release of Bollywood film Wanted. The director of Commissioner Anwar Siraji said that he did not get booking of his expected number of cinemas due to running of Wanted, which has been running in 50 cinemas since January 23. Star Cineplex Read the full story

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Riaz and Badhon pair up for the first time

Big screen actor Riaz and Lux Superstar famed Badhon are appearing together for the first time in a single episode TV drama “Icecream o Onubhuti.” The duo recently wrapped up the shooting of the drama. Badhon, who had always wanted to work with the silverscreen star since watching his film “Praner Cheye Priyo” in 1997, said about her endeavour with Riaz: “Finally, my Read the full story

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Dhallywood mourns death of Chashi Nazrul Islam

Dhallywood mourns the death of eminent filmmaker Chashi Nazrul Islam, who died on Sunday morning after suffering from liver cancer and other complications at the age of 73. They observe that Chashi Nazrul Islam’s death is a great loss that can never be recovered. They opined that Ora Egaro Jon, the first film on the war of Independence made in 1972, is the greatest contribution Read the full story

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Biplob turns actor

Popular rocker Biplob, vocalist and also the chief of popular band Prometheus, has turned an actor in Royel Manik’s film Game, which got release on January 2. Biplob has enacted the role of the villain in the film. The singer has shared about his experiences of film acting in an interview with New Age. Biplob said that he was satisfied with his performance in the film and hoped Read the full story

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Shokh in new TV series

Model-actress Shokh is going to play a role in a TV series titled “Modhho Bitto Shukh Ashukh.” Talking to the Dhaka Tribune, she said the title of the series may be changed. Shokh, who also nailed her name in Dhallywood with “Bolona Tumi Amar” and “Olpo Olpo Premer Golpo,” said she will be one of the central characters in the TV series. “I liked the story of the TV play which Read the full story

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Dhallywood expects govt support to boost industry

Dhallywood expects the government to work sincerely to address the ongoing problems in the country’s film industry and take necessary steps. Otherwise, they said, the industry would hardly see any growth in 2015. They demand that the government must immediately take steps for modernisation of Bangladesh Film Development Corporation. Stakeholders of Bangladeshi Read the full story

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Producer Mahi’s first movie ‘Nioti’

Dhallywood diva Mahi has already announced that she is appearing as producer. In this connection she stepped forward with the first movie ‘Nioti’ (Fate). This prudent glamour queen is dead against risk that reflects on decision to produce the movie as a joint venture. She made a deal with the Kolkata production house SK Films. Mahi’s production house is Scorpion. The movie being Read the full story

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Priota acquires lessons from Bollywood

Priota Farelin Iftekhar is an actor in the making. She started her acting career when she first appeared in Airtel’s telefilms, “Impossible 5” in 2013.This was what the Bangladeshi model wanted to do, she continued pursuing what later became “the Bollywood dream.”  Like any person who sets forth on a field never ventured upon, Priota too had many questions she wanted Read the full story

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Apollo came in a black Datsun 76

The evening was a little chilly, the roads were jam-packed; the mood of the drivers, stuck in the jam, was livid but even in this rush and madness, a group of curious people were surrounding a metallic black modified 1976 Datsun Sunny. Amidst all the flashy new models, this was an old giant. Old but not out of fire! In fact, it exuded so much charm that the latest automotive Read the full story

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