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Monsur Ul Karim’s personal journey

Monsur Ul Karim’s personal journeyMonsur Ul Karim’s latest solo offers a subtle glimpse into the beauty and complexity of the world in which he lives and works. The paintings, thus, are at once reminiscent of his years in Chittagong where he lived for most of his life and his ancestral abode in Rajbari where he longs to go back. The exhibition that opened on April 10 at Galleri Kaya in Uttara features a total of 45 paintings drawn over the past year, and compiled separately under the titles of ‘Point of Departure’ and ‘My Destination My Soil.’ Monsur Ul Karim was born in Rajbari but has been living in Chittagong for over 40 years. He is a professor of fine arts at the Chittagong University and is about to retire soon. If the first series – with 15 paintings – is about his reflections while in Chittagong and his imminent departure from there, the second – with 30 paintings – constitutes his fantasy about his homeland where he says he grew up both as a person and an artist and has a creative space of his own to go back to. The paintings ostensibly deal with nature and human beings and the intricacies underlying a peaceful coexistence. ‘I was always fascinated by the way nature and human beings live side-by-side despite their conflicting interests,’ said Karim.
The paintings are beautifully colourful. Through the abstract forms and lines and different shades, human figures and natural elements emerge inspiring the viewers to go beyond the façades and see the intrinsic way in which they are connected.
One of the paintings is called Pint of Departure 13, depicting a prominent female figure surrounded by bold strokes and smudges of bright colours such as blue, green and purple and so on. Speaking of colour, blue dominates the canvas of another painting called My Destination My Soil 15, which portrays blue-smeared geometrical figures.
So far, Monsur Ul Karim has shown his artworks in 22 solo and 70 group exhibitions at home and abroad. For his contributions to arts, he has received the Ekushey Padak, Grand Award at the 8th International Indian Triennial Art Exhibition, Grand Award at the 6th Asian Art Biennale, and many other awards and accolades.
The exhibition will remain open for all until April 21.

Source: New Age

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