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Leading dancers to present Ali Baba Chollish Chor

Leading dancers to present Ali Baba Chollish ChorNoted dancers of the country will share the same stage presenting one of the most popular tales from Arabian Nights’ titled Ali Baba Chollish Chor as a dance drama in December, said the organisers at a press conference at the Dhaka Reporters Unity on Wednesday. Srishti Cultural Centre in collaboration with dance organisation Nrityanchal will premiere the show at the National Theatre Hall of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy on December 5. Shibley Mohammad and Shamim Ara Nipa, noted dancers and also directors of Nrityanchal; Sukalyan Bhattacharya, director of Srishti Cultural Centre; and eminent dancer Anisul Islam Hiru, along with other artistes were present at the press conference. It was informed at the conference that the name of the production, which is planned and directed by Sukalyan Bhattacharya, will be Badi-Bandar Rupkotha and the troupes have planned the production with an urge to do something other than commonly performed genres like Nazrul, Tagore, folk dance and others. The speakers also said that Shibley will play Alibaba, Nipa will enact the role of Morjina, while Hiru and Sukalyan will enact the roles of Abdullah and Kashem respectively. Ali Baba Challish Chor (Badi-Bandar Rupkotha) depicts how a woodcutter outsmarts a group of 40 vicious robbers.
In his speech, Shibley Mohammad told that the production is an attempt to strengthen relations between the two troupes so that they rise above professional competition for doing something good. ‘As artistes, we always prioritise friendship when it comes to create a stunning production,’ added Shibley.
Anisul Islam Hiru, who is the producer of the production and also an artiste of Srishti Cultural Centre, conveyed that the two organisations have also worked together before, and he looks forward to this opportunity.
Sukalyan Bhattachariya said that they have tried their best to retain the original story of Ali Baba Chollish Chor as much as possible. ‘Ali Baba Chollish Chor is a classic and we want to present it as originally as possible,’ added Bhattacharya.

Source: New Age

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