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Journey into the inner world

Journey into the inner worldArtist Mohiuddin Ahmed Mohin’s latest solo that opened at the Café La Varenda of Alliance Francaise de Dhaka on April 3 is an artistic account of his perceptions of the world of which he is but a mere part but which he wants to understand from inside out. The exhibition, Impression of Surroundings-4, is the latest in the My Surroundings series of the painter and gathers a total of 30 abstract and semi-abstract paintings. A natural artist, Mohim tried to paint what he conceives of the natural world surrounding him, in his own way, and, in doing that, used mixed media on canvases with newspaper cuttings and different images pasted to them, as well as bold strokes of colours. One of the paintings on display is My Surroundings-211, which has smudges of colours including blue, yellow and light-green on the canvas overlapping the space covered with paper cuttings. The artist has used geometrical figures like triangle and octagon to accentuate the effect on the viewers. For the viewers, going through Mohin’s work is like going inside a mind that has its distinct way to view the world, which may or may not be similar to their individual points of view.
My Surroundings 215 is one such piece dominated by bold strokes of red and yellow colour, depicting different structural figures. It has a beautiful colour composition. The artist has used images of female face and English alphabets in his work My Surroundings 219. The painting also depcits cloud-like figures in yellow colour at the top of the canvas offering a pleasant view for the visitors.
‘I try to transport the experiences I gather from my surroundings in my paintings. The newspaper cuttings I paste to my canvases are the articles that once stirred me. The structures I draw are representations of the area I live in,’ said Mohin.
The exhibition is the seventh solo of artist Mohiuddin Ahmed Mohin. Impression of Surroundings-4, which was inaugurated by noted artist Syed Jahangir, will be open for all until next Sunday.

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